May: Why you should care about SGA elections


The university is undoubtedly in a period of change. On top of the recent Shock the Future referendum, upcoming SGA elections will allow you the students to provide some serious input on the future direction of the university as a whole by voicing your opinion with a vote.

Last year, with only one unified party running candidates, the direction was all but decided prior to the casting of ballots. This year, however, four tandems are vying for the presidency and vice presidency. Additionally, each college will elect several senators, and at-large senators will be chosen by the entirety of the student body. In summary, each and every one of us has a number of opportunities to make our voices heard.

The voter turnout in last years SGA election was 12.3 percent, and the referendum saw a bump to 28.7 percent turnout, but both of these numbers are ridiculously low, given how long it takes to cast a ballot. With an investment of 10 minutes on your way to class, you could help to decide the election not only for yourself, but also for the vast majority of us who are leaving it entirely up to our peers.

As far as being informed on candidates and/or ideologies on key issues in this election, you have already come to the right place. The Sunflower will provide coverage on all of the proceedings of the election cycle all the way up to the voting deadline. Additionally, candidates will be hosting town hall meetings during the week of March 25, and debates for presidential and vice presidential tickets will take place on March 29.

The most important thing, however, is to simply remember to cast a ballot. The ballots will be open from April 1-3. Surely, you can find at least 10 minutes over the course of three days to decide your own fate.