Sunner: Tiger Woods is magic

It’s the return of glory.

Tiger Woods has pulled off the impossible. I, with others, spent the weekend glued to television screens, witnessing one of the greatest comeback stories of all-time play out.

Dark horses and story-book endings make sports great, but that doesn’t accurately describe what Tiger did this weekend at The Masters.

In the past, Tiger has strictly overpowered his opponents to win tournaments. Now, at the age of 43, he has to outsmart his fellow competitors. Unlike in the beginning of his career, he himself was a dark horse not only this year, but following a series of misspells, he has been for the past few.

The 12th hole at Augusta National was proving to be a hope-killer on Sunday, slaying top contenders left and right. After watching the struggles from the group ahead, Tiger’s playing mate and co-leader at the time, Francesco Molinari, had his ball land short on the bank. It rolled into the water, and opened the door for Tiger to deliver his magic.

Tiger stepped up for his tee shot on the dreadful hole and played it smart. He didn’t want to do anything fancy. He lined his shot up, and placed it in the center of the green. In the final three holes, Tiger’s stage was set. On 16, Tiger would hit one of the most memorable shots in the history of the course, placing the ball feet from the pin. His and the crowd’s emotions sent chills down the spine of anyone watching. 

Chills resonated after Tiger sank the winning-putt from a couple feet out.

Triumph. Victory.

Considering what Tiger has overcome — back injuries, knee surgery, a scandal, and DUI charges — it’s all in the past for Tiger Woods, who is still chasing the dream. Seeing him embrace his son was a simple reason why sports are so great. I’m no golf fan, but it’s simply hard not to cheer for Tiger Woods.

There’s simply no reason not to.