Rub-a-dub-dub: Soak in music and art at Wichita’s Final Fest 2019


“I don’t know if I can say this,” said Wichita State junior Joe Hagen, co-founder of Final Fest.

“Okay . . . it’s going to be a human carwash.”

Final Fest started as a humble mission to create an all-ages concert in Wichita, but it’s quickly grown into something like a mini-Coachella. The human carwash that Hagen is referring to is an art installation by WSU Fine Arts major Mary Alexis Wirths that will operate amongst food trucks, a vintage clothing shop, and a long list of live music acts this Friday in downtown Wichita’s Urban Pop-Up Park.

Last year, Hagen said he expected 30-some people to show up for the festival’s first run. Instead, the Pop-Up Park hit capacity multiple times over the course of the day.

Given the size and success of the event, it’s kind of mind blowing that it’s almost entirely the product of Wichita State students. The festival’s founders — Joe Hagen, Xan Mattek, and Ryne Carballo — are all enrolled as WSU undergraduate.

They’ve brought fellow students into nearly every aspect of the festival’s organization and performance. Beyond that, they’ve rallied sponsors from Dempsey’s Biscuit Co. to KMUW to support the festival.

The mission of the festival, beyond the fun, is to bolster Wichita’s art community with a major annual event, Hagen said.

“[We founded Final Fest] to give people a reason to value the arts scene in Wichita,” Hagen said. “It’s not just a music festival — there’s art, there are food trucks.

“This is going to be a hub for Final Friday once a year, but hopefully that will spark bigger events for Final Friday than just going around to galleries, because that can be kind of monotonous . . . It’s kind of meant to push up the scene and the hype around it.”

Here’s the full list of the festivities that will be popping off at Final Fest:

Musical Performances by:

The Cavves


Faux Feality

Love Seats


Backseat Vinyl




Ellie Green

Said Solemn

Art Installation by:

Mary Alexis Wirths

Pop-up Vintage Clothing Shops by:

Gabrielle Griffie

Lazarus Massey

Food Trucks:


U-Hungry Truck

Nora’s Kitchen

Final Fest will run from 3 – 11:00 p.m. Friday at Wichita’s Urban Pop-Up Park, located at 121 E. Douglas Ave.