Why “Good Boys” is More Than Just Good

A sex doll that gets into a traffic accident, gummy bear vitamin drugs, a sixth grade kissing party, and three adolescent boys who go by “The Beanbag Boys” makes for an unconventionally sweet story. 

“Good Boys,” which was produced by the iconic comedian Seth Rogen, was released in theatres last month alongside other much anticipated movies like “The Lion King” and “Fast and Furious: Hobbs and Shaw.” But unlike the other two, “Good Boys” managed to surpass my expectations and gave everyone in the theatre a hearty laugh. It perfectly combined the cringey, awkward years of peak puberty and life lessons that even some adults today could take away from. This is a masterpiece coming of age comedy.

The film centers around a 12-year-old boy named Max, who gets invited to his first kissing party where his crush is going to be in attendance. Never having kissed before, Max manages to convince his two best friends, Lucas and Thor, to aid him on his quest of learning how to kiss. After a string of events, the three naive and curious boys go on a drug stealing, drone-breaking adventure where they, unfortunately, end up at crossroads with one another.

Although this comedy can be vulgar and raunchy, it contains elements of nostalgia, innocence, and valuable life lessons that keep the audience hooked.

Throughout the entire film, not only are you guaranteed to laugh at the crazy misadventures of the three best friends, but also at their own naive and innocent thoughts that they have while being surrounded by corrupting and sinful activities.

Though a little raunchy, producer Seth Rogen was able to bring in adult humor into the film without the oversexualization of the characters. Max and his friends even talk about respecting women on multiple occasions, without it ever sounding sarcastic. 

The film addresses topics of consent and bullying, and took a jab at toxic masculinity by showcasing how in touch with their emotions the adolescent boys are. There is never any judgment coming from the characters or script, yet the movie was able to do what some comedy-lovers say is impossible: be outrageously funny without offending people. On top of the themes of feminism and toxic masculinity, is the realistic and bittersweet ending of the film. Don’t worry, I won’t give away any spoilers, but just know that it was an ending that we have all lived through as human beings, for it is part of the process of growing up.

“Good Boys” is an unconventional coming of age story that was able to perfectly intertwine comedy and serious issues into a one hour and 40 minute screen time. Not only does it have an exceptional plot and ending, but it also contains lovable leads that undergo major character development. In the near future, I hope to see more comedies like “Good Boys.”