Sunflower Soundtrack: Summer Stunners



Album art from Kim Petras’ single, “Do Me”

Our Sunflower Soundtrack is picking up right where we left off — delivering certified bangers straight to the eardrum. Our inaugural release is a playlist of tracks freshly plucked from the summer release calendar that will keep you glowing as the season fades. Catch our summer stunners and tune in for maximum impact, Sincerely, DJ JD.

Kim Petras – ‘Do Me’

This sex-positive slapper bursts with neon energy. Massive synthesizers flash behind Petras’ soaring vocals while snares crash in the background. It’s an apocalyptic pop song that collapses and reconstructs itself continuously, and Petras sings as if it’s her last night on Earth. We’re blessed to have a pop star who continues to give her all to each slice of glitterbomb pop.

Jay Som – ‘Superbike’

“Superbike” is a windows-down sun-struck cruiser whose floating vocals and twisting guitar reincarnate the sunshine pop of the late 90s. Som takes the style to new heights with undeniably beautiful songwriting. “Superbike” twists and turns through gorgeous melodies, ultimately arriving at a blissed-out finale of feedback fuzz. Take it on a summer joyride — you won’t regret it.

slowthai feat. Mura Masa – ‘Doorman’

You can practically feel the soles of your sneakers slap London pavement as the rattling rhythms of “Doorman” blister through the speakers. From its initial rev-up through its jokey conclusion, slowthai barrels through images of city life that strike the listener like a Bourne chase scene. It’s the perfect summer run rap track. It moves fast — don’t miss it.

Jamila Woods feat. Saba – ‘BASQUIAT’

By recasting some of the most sensual elements of R&B in a restlessly beautiful new form, Jamila Woods has created a new masterwork. Woods navigates rap and melody like an old master while snare clicks and hypnotic bass licks punctuate each enchanting line. It’s the sort of song whose soulful beauty could fade into the background in less careful hands, but Woods weaves twists and bravado through the framework to make every section of the track pop. There hasn’t been a classier or more seductive song released this year.

Caroline Polachek – ‘Ocean of Tears’

Armed with elastic vocals and a sensibility for intoxicating atmosphere, Caroline Polachek has taken her post-Chairlift career to stunning heights with pop songs that alternately enrapture and crush. “Ocean of Tears” is a slow burn breakup song that has gone to the gym and transformed into some sort of sonic monster. Polachek’s voice darts and stabs through a rainy ambiance, cutting out only to let distorted kick drums rip through the mix. The sonic gut punch will leave you breathless and gasping for more.

(Sandy) Alex G – ‘Gretel’

“Gretel” lifts a cage off of indie rock that we previously didn’t know existed. Its churning guitar groove and delicious chorus melody are instantly recognizable, but they’re allowed to float and wander in ways that take “Gretel” to a transcendent new airspace. Over the course of its bizarre, one-chorus song structure, “Gretel” wanders through fuzzy flute arrangements and eerie record hiss siphoned in from another dimension. The result is a psychedelic euphoria crafted from indie rock nostalgia.

Charli XCX feat. Lizzo – ‘Blame It On Your Love’

The goddess of hard-hitting bubblegum pop has dropped her most infectious bop yet with “Blame It On Your Love.” As if a killer melody and snap-crackle-pop beat wasn’t enough, hip-hop sensation Lizzo joins the fray to elevate the glitzy rhythms with a hit-and-run verse whose bars knock you over the head. When it cuts out at minute three, there’s only one option: hit the repeat button.

Blanck Mass – ‘House Vs. House’

You know that kid who ruined P.E. class because they were way more athletic and could just school everyone at every sport? That’s Blanck Mass when it comes to stadium-shaking rave music. He’s been making gargantuan, soul-rending electronic jams whose sheer size is enough to blow away people who don’t even like dance music. His new record goes more melodic than ever before, and many moments, like the epic choruses of “House Vs. House,” feel like classic EDM anthems transformed from 2D to 3D. Try to listen to the bone-rattling rhythms and heaven-searing choruses of this raver napalm and feel anything but sheer awe. Better yet, let yourself go and ascend.