Taylor: Sony should reverse course, avoid a Spider-Blunder

Marvel fans all over the world are upset with Sony Pictures for threatening the future of Spider-Man’s role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Recently, the web-slinger saw renewed box office and critical success with the second round of movie reboots.

Marvel wrapped up phase three with Spider-Man’s second independent movie, “Spider-Man: Far From Home,” which seems to be setting up Tom Holland’s Peter Parker front and center for the upcoming phase of Marvel movies. Sony has the power to end that completely.

The argument between Disney’s Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures comes down to a financial dispute. Sony technically owns full rights to the Marvel character, but we’ve seen Sony’s attempts at producing their own Spider-Man movies with Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s versions.

Both were less than satisfactory, but the critical and financial blunder of “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” forced Sony to look to Disney for help. Tom Holland’s adaptation of Spider-Man paired with Marvel’s production spun the bigger web and caught the hearts of many fans.

Marvel is requesting that from here on out, the profit for anything related to Spider-Man be split 50/50. Sony Pictures wants to keep the existing deal, which is giving Marvel 5% of first-dollar gross and merchandising revenues.

Sony is well aware of the gold mine they are sitting on, but they lack the tools and tactics to dig it up. Marvel has shown they are more than capable, so it’s time for Sony to compensate them properly if they plan to keep taking help.

Yanking Spider-Man from the MCU storylines creates major plot holes. The first plot hole starts with Iron Man, a.k.a Tony Stark, who sacrificed his life to save everyone, but especially Peter Parker. Taking Spider-Man out would basically be erasing Tony Stark’s motive behind his decision, leaving fans wondering if this changes the fate of another beloved hero.

The next effect of removing Spider-Man from the MCU is one that leaves a big question mark for the cliffhanger “Spider-Man: Far From Home”left us. This movie was meant to transition fans into the next phase. As if the point needed to be more obvious, the movie literally said, “It’s time to begin a new phase” within the first few minutes of it’s runtime.

This has no point if a deal cannot be settled on between the two studios. It becomes irrelevant, which is probably unacceptable for most faithful Marvel fans.

The question I have for Sony is why they think they can produce a Spider-Man movie to the same acclaim as Marvel. Fans are already threatening to boycott anything related to Sony.

These fans have grown attached to the story Marvel has created, and I can’t see a Sony Pictures-produced Spider-Man profiting anywhere near as much as the last two movies when legally, they can’t reference anything we’ve seen from Tom Holland’s Spider-Man for the last three years.

The actor remains the same, but everything changes? He recalls nothing? The fans get no backstory — no explanation?

I’d rethink your decision, Sony, before you find avenging fans assembling at your doorstep.