Hot Take: The Chicken Sandwich War

Move aside, War on Christmas, get lost, Console Wars, and get out of here, War on Drugs; the Chicken Sandwich Wars is the fresh new battle in town.

With the release of Popeye’s chicken sandwich, people have been clamoring for that fried chicken goodness between two buns. Some have gone as far to say Chick-fil-a, the supposed chicken sandwich king, has lost its crown.

But where do these two sandwiches land in the chicken sandwich war? Are they the top of the top? Or do they barely rise above a mayonnaise-smothered McChicken?

Popeyes’ sandwich is about what you would expect from Popeyes — it’s a super crispy, well-seasoned chicken breast on a bun with pickles and mayo. It’s good, but definitely not worth the Rick and Morty-schezwan-sauce levels of insanity.

 If you really crave that Louisiana fast chicken sandwich from Popeyes, then make sure to be kind to the servers. They don’t get paid enough to deal with this fowl onslaught of customers. 

Chick-fil-a or Popeye’s both have their own merits, but in my opinion, to argue over fast food sandwiches is a chicken measuring contest best left unanswered.

Most cities have local restaurants with their own chicken sandwiches that can out-punt Chick-fil-a or Popeye’s any day.

Luckily, in Wichita, there are more restaurants than people. Not every restaurant will be a hit, but the ICT has one place that can really get you salivating: Dempsey’s Biscuit Co.

With a menu stuffed to the brim with chicken sandwiches, you have more than your fill to choose from. Serving locally sourced chicken, homemade biscuits, and their own in-house pickles and condiments, the final product is a sandwich worth dying for.

Dempsey’s Biscuit Co. isn’t the only restaurant with killer chicken sandwiches — although it is one of the few devoted to it. Wichita has The Public, Norton’s Brewing, The Artichoke, and other restaurants that cater to the chicken sandwich aficionado.

It doesn’t matter if it’s Chick-fil-a or Popeye’s at this point — if you’re eating local, you’re going to have the true king of chicken sandwiches.