’13 Reasons Why’ Not



“13 Reasons Why” goes in a brand new direction in its third season. 

The controversial Netflix series about teen suicide and other mature content focuses season three on the death of one of its main antagonists, Bryce Walker.

This shifts the plot of the first two seasons, which revolved around the story of Hannah Baker’s suicide. 

When we learn of Walker’s death, there seems to be foul play. What transpired on the night Walker died is unknown. Every character at Liberty High School and throughout the show has had run ins with Walker prior to his death — and seem to have their own reasons for wanting him to be dead.

The mystery of Walker’s death lingers around the high school students as they try to find out who killed him — and make up their own theories about what happened that night.

Throughout the season, we learn of Walker’s struggle to change his past abusive behavior. Despite his efforts, Bryce still has moments that resemble his past villainous nature.

Clay Jensen is someone who doesn’t believe that Walker can change — and wants him to suffer for the horrible things that he has done. Jensen’s friend group has been severely traumatized at the hands of Walker — and they don’t want him around. Even when Walker tries to apologize to those he hurt in the past, they are unreceptive. 

After many twists and turns in the investigation to find out who killed Bryce Walker, his killer is finally revealed. The killer doesn’t seem to be built up until the finale. The finale leaves the audience on a cliffhanger, as the police make a case against the wrong person. Without the full story of what happened to Bryce, and Jensen’s friend group with the answers, season three rolls the credits. 

This season as a whole is driven on individual characters more than previous seasons, which is great if you enjoyed the characters in the past. However, it loses the original magic of the concept of the first season and dismisses Hannah Baker’s story almost completely. Focusing on intense drama and over-the-top teen cruelty is something the show specializes in. However, season three fumbles a bit on storytelling, as the new elements added to the story don’t always hit the mark.  Overall, the mystery of Walker’s murder still enjoyable and engaging.