OPINION: A beginner’s guide to the Ablah Library study rooms


Kevin Benavides

Engineering students work on one of their projects in one of the Ablah Library’s Seminar Rooms.

One of the best things about Wichita State’s Ablah Library is the study rooms. If you need a dedicated study space, there are tons of places you can find around campus.

The library has the largest selection, with 20 study rooms throughout the building. Most of them are by reservation only, but there are a handful in the basement and on the second floor that are first come, first serve.

In order to reserve a study room at the library, all you need is your Shocker I.D. Simply go to your myWSU homepage, hit the Libraries tab, and go to Book a Study Room.

Do this to reserve ahead of time for group study. Or simply walk inside to the circulation desk and ask if they have any availability for your time frame. It’s really that easy.

I’ve had my share of awkward encounters myself, so a couple ground rules to keep in mind when you use a room will be a great help to fellow students and library staff.

Don’t overstay your welcome — rooms can be booked in four-hour increments, and it’s never fun for the next person to have to knock on the door and ask you to leave. If you need a room for more time, you can simply ask your study buddy to reserve a different room with their Shocker I.D. 

Also, you should keep the room how you found it, so the next student can study in peace without the distraction of half-empty iced coffees and sandwich crumbs.

But the biggest thing to keep in mind is making sure you keep those good study habits in place and utilize your time to its fullest. Midterms are creeping around the corner, and the library is the best place to strike inspiration for finishing your to-do list.