OPINION: Worst gamer ever recommends a video game

I suck at video games. There, I said it. It’s out there. Now everyone knows before getting into this recommendation

That doesn’t stop me from playing games every chance I get. I remember trying to play them with my brother and him getting so frustrated he would kick me out and refuse to let me play with him ever again until my parents inevitably forced him to let me.

It’s the controls. I am really good at video games when you do not have to control the camera. Having to control where I am looking as well as where I have to move is just too much for me. I know that it just takes getting used to it or whatever, but I just can’t do it.

There is one video game I am a pro at though — “LEGO Star Wars.” The game is simple, easy to control, and a damn-good time. It has humor, recognizable characters, guns, explosions — everything you could want in a video game without the struggle of constantly having to control where you are looking.

Plus, you can play with friends and argue about who really collected the most coins to get the True Jedi.

Don’t like “Star Wars”? No problem, play “LEGO Harry Potter,” “LEGO Batman,” “LEGO Marvel,” “LEGO Indiana Jones,” AND MORE. There is a LEGO game out there for everyone, and they are 100% endorsed by this absolute garbage video game player.