My body, my decisions

I am a female. 

As such, I have certain body parts that men do not. One of these includes breasts. Well, men have breasts, too, but you know what I mean. 

Gasp. I said breasts. 

Can we all just stop for a minute and think about how absolutely ridiculous it is for us to be afraid or disgusted of the things that fed and sustained us to be the adults we are now? Breasts are the things that, for some reason, we all adore during October during Breast Cancer Awareness month but shun and scorn the rest of the year? 

Get over it. I have boobs. And when I have children, they will be latched on to them whenever, wherever, and I am not going to tuck it away and leave my babies crying from hunger because it makes you uncomfortable. 

Breasts are for babies. They are intended to provide food for little ones. Why does it seem that we are only comfortable when they are sexualized? We don’t seem to mind bare boobs on a billboard people drive by every day, or when they are in films or being objectified elsewhere. Yet, when they are doing their jobs, people want to hide them. 

It goes back to a long history of women’s bodies being hated on. Certain individuals possess a hatred for women’s bodies when they are just simply doing their natural, God-given duties. 

Women have been conditioned to hate and loathe their bodies for generations now, and it is not right. 

My breasts are not for your entertainment. My breasts or anything else about my body is not up for discussion unless I choose for it to be. 

My breasts and other body parts are not a regulation you can politicize. They are a part of my body. They are what makes me, me. They are unique and beautiful in their own way. They are my breasts, and thus, I decide what I get to do with them, whenever, wherever, your opinion or feelings aside. 

We are a state that generally is pro-child. So, let me be pro-child. I’m going to be whether you like it or not. 

I am unapologetically in love with my breasts, and I will use them to do one of the greatest things they can do: To feed my baby so he/she grows up healthy and strong.