REVIEW: ‘Knives Out’ delivers all the mystery and comedy it promised


Courtesy Lionsgate

Screenshot from the new movie “Knives Out,” a comedic mystery featuring Chris Evans.

It’s not very often that I’m extremely excited for a movie when I haven’t already enjoyed the book or when it’s not a sequel (or prequel or franchise). But I was super excited for “Knives Out.”

The movie trailer itself is a masterpiece, using “I’m Gonna Live Till I Die” by Frank Sinatra and building with each “live” in the song – amazing. I was hooked from the first time I watched it.

I was also excited to have asshole Chris Evans back — he’s been a goody-two-shoes Captain America for too long.

I made sure I read absolutely nothing about the movie beforehand; I love to guess the endings of movies. The only thing I saw about the movie was a tweet from Patton Oswalt that read:

“GO SEE @KnivesOut. And DO NOT read anything about it. Let yourself be taken by its surprises. Unless…you pay VERY close attention in the 1st hour. @rianjohnson “plays fair” and gives you the clues you need. (I missed ‘em, natch).”

I will not be spoiling the movie because I think everyone should experience mystery movies this raw.

This star-studded cast delivers on everything you could want. They give great comedic moments that will have you laughing out loud, and director Rian Johnson provides all the drama and suspense you could ever want in a comedic thriller.

The best part is, he really does give you all the tools you need to solve the mystery yourself. Oswalt was right — if you pay really close attention in the first hour, you can figure it out.

I’ve always been very bothered by mystery movies that make it impossible to know who did it or what the twist is.

Come ready for twists, turns, murders and knives. I highly recommend this movie.