Running with Reynolds: Rock the summer suit in your own way

It’s swimsuit season, ladies, which means it’s either your favorite time of year or your version of hell.

Either way, don’t fret. There are about a million styles of women’s swimsuits, and probably another billioin variations of those, that you can try.

So, no matter your size, body type or personal preference, there should be something for you. No matter which style you sport to the pool or the beach this summer, own it. Enjoy the sun, the water, the company, the food. Don’t spend your time worrying about how you look in a tankini.

Just focus on feeling comfortable and confident, and picking out the right suit is step No. 1. I’m no fashion expert, but I’m all about feeling healthy and confident, no matter the outfit or time of year.

The love handles suit

For all the lovely curvy girls out there, the high-waisted bottom and halter top or bandeau is where it’s at. These styles add a slimming effect that is still flattering on the curves. Or, get bottoms with a frilly skirt to add some extra cover down below.

Itty bitty titty committee

That’s right, for the smaller girlfriends use tops with ruffles and frills to add the illusion of bust. Find suits with extra padding, too.

Bustier gals

Halter tops harness the girls up top without having to worry about tiny strings coming untied. Keep ’em controlled and in one place with a well-fit halter top, maybe even with some under wire. Even better, find ones with a clip to fasten it in place rather than just a tie.

Scars and cellulite

Nearly every woman has a hard time hiding from cellulite, and if you’ve had a C-section, a one-piece may be the way to go. These cover all while still creating slimming, hour glass effects. If you’re worried about the bottom half, get a sheer wrap to use as a skirt for laying out or wading in the shallows. And, just about everyone could use a cute cover-up for to-and-from the pool or beach.


Who says pregnant women can’t enjoy summer activities? Try a tankini to cover up a growing belly, and the separate bottoms are great for frequent trips to the bathroom.