Stop procrastinating, start studying

If you are a Wichita State student reading this, there’s a good chance you should be studying for finals. If you are someone who gives finals, there’s a good chance you should be somewhere making an undergrad cry.

Finals season is upon us, and it is my duty as an opinion writer to write a clichéd article detailing numerous ways to deal with stress. I’m supposed to first tell you I believe in you and then go on to list positive study strategies, before ending my incredibly positive editorial with advice on skipping the caffeine and taking study breaks.

But I can’t in good conscience do that, because frankly, finals suck.

As a student, you spend an entire semester working your butt off, only to get to a test that has the potential to drop you two letter grades. It’s rightfully scary, stressful and overwhelming, or in my case, nausea-inducing.

Many students do their best to handle this stress in positive ways, like Laiba Khan, who tries to eat right and get enough sleep.

I usually talk to my friends, because they go through the same thing, and discuss it with my mom, as she helps me out a lot,” Khan said.

Others, such as Drew Bonner, have found that working out during finals helps.

“Workouts that really help are going running, because that is my time,” Bonner said. Nobody can take it from me, nobody can intrude on it. I can be entirely in my head and experience my body working, rather than my brain, which helps during finals.”

Both students had great suggestions to maintain sanity throughout finals week, and it might be a good idea to try them.

To do my part, I’ve compiled a list of reasons you should stop procrastinating on final projects and studying for finals.

1. You won’t have to retake the class.

2. Netflix is calling.

3. The group project might get finished if you help.

4. Tests are a lot easier on eight hours of sleep.

5. You’re 10 days away from freedom.

6. Think of your GPA.

7. Nervous breakdowns are more likely to happen at 2 a.m.

8. You’re less likely to cry in front of the GA.

9. You’ll have more time to spend on social media.

10. That professor is more likely to write you a recommendation letter.

Good luck.