Amendment to SGA constitution to allow for more diversity

An amendment to the Student Government Association’s constitution that was approved Friday will allow for more diversity in the student senate.

According to the election results showing the winners, 1,020 students voted “yes” in favor of the change to the amendment. This number met the required 7 percent of the student body voting in SGA elections, which allowed the amendment to pass.

Outgoing Student Body President Matthew Conklin said the amendment will allow more senators to serve in the senate, thereby allowing more diversity in SGA. The number of senators will be determined by the population of the school and each of the colleges on campus.

“We passed [the amendment] earlier this semester with the intention of increasing representation, increasing diversity, increases the voices in senate,” Conklin said Friday after the amendment was passed.

He said he was surprised to see the amendment pass, given the previous low voter turnout in SGA elections.

“It really showed people were invested and interested to see themselves represented,” Conklin said of the passage.

It is refreshing to see Wichita State students actively voting in SGA elections and on the amendment. Last year, the same amendment to the constitution failed to pass, because less than 7 percent of the student body turned out to vote. Students certainly stepped up to the plate this election and voted for something good.

While only 1,020 students voted, it is a good start. The SGA elections are a prime example of how voting matters and can initiate change.

Everyone has the right to vote, though many fail to take advantage of that right. Think about this vote passage the next time you head to the election polls. You may be surprised to see that change can and will come about. All it takes is you voting.

­­— For the editorial board, TJ Rigg