Running with Reynolds: Follow the unwritten rules of workout courtesy

So you’ve gathered the will and motivation to get to the gym. Well done. Just getting to the gym is a feat in itself.

But, there are a few unwritten rules you need to know about before you get started on your workout. Use common courtesy in all cases, but these are important, so take them seriously.

Don’t wear perfume or cologne

The gym is already a smelly place, don’t add any flowery, musky fragrances to the mix.

Wipe off your machines

Every gym has stations with towels and spray bottles, so make use of them. Wipe down every machine after use. There’s a world of germs and nasty sweat on those things.

Don’t bring your children

Not only is this annoying, but it’s a safety hazard. There’s an age limit on machines for a reason, because children on a weight machine is recipe for disaster — or a cut off finger. 

Don’t sit on a machine if you aren’t going to use it

Use the machine and move along. Don’t hold up everyone else’s routines.

Use privacy in the locker rooms

Find a bay of lockers that isn’t full of people changing, give them their space and definitely don’t stare. Everyone has their insecurities, so be mindful of that and give them some privacy.

Keep the grunting at a minimum

I understand heavy breathing and using lots of effort to lift weights, but don’t sound like a mating seal. It just makes everyone feel uncomfortable and a little weirded out.

Respect for those that wear makeup

Some people have busy schedules and come to the gym after work, so don’t judge those that are still dolled up. At the same time, don’t judge those that just got out of bed. We’re all there for the same reason: to better ourselves. Doesn’t matter if you’re wearing makeup, or not.

Don’t spit in the water fountain

Just gross. People drink out of that thing.