Spring allergies: Get well, remedy seasonal colds with a few healthy lifestyle adjustments

It’s that lovely time of year when the birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming and cool breezes send the smells and the sounds your way. 

But if you have seasonal allergies, well, forget that. 

On one of the first nice days of the fall, I decided to drive through town with my windows rolled down. I regreted that decision by the end of the day. 

For those lucky enough to experience allergies, there’s really no avoiding it. As soon as the weather turns, it’s game over. 

However, there are some ways in which you can healthily remedy some of those awful symptoms and perhaps get over the cold a little quicker. After all, who has time for sickness around finals? Yuck. 


There’s nothing like a juicy, vitamin-enriched fruit to put symptoms at ease. Pack a few of these each day, and you’ll be surprised and their magical effects. 



Avoid the Starbuck’s varieties (unless you can substitute soy milk), but fix up your own concoction with some warm chai tea and almond milk. Sprinkle some cinnamon. The heat will really soothe your throat. 



Water is everyon’e best friend, Skip the sodas and grab a cold glass of water. 


My mom swears by this. Sleep is a fine commidity to college students, but take the time for snoozing when you’re under the weather.