Letter from the Editor: The Sunflower’s COVID-19 response


Matthew Kelly

Tulips bloom by the WIchita State sign at the 17th Street entrance.

Fellow Shockers,

I can’t imagine the range of emotions we are all feeling right now. These are truly unprecedented times — something none of us saw coming. 

Some of us went to class last Thursday having no idea it would be the last time we attended a class at Wichita State, that it might have been the last time we’d step on campus as students, and we didn’t even realize it. For seniors, it might have been the last time we’d see some of our classmates and professors.

I’m writing to you, our readers, to assure you that The Sunflower is still committed to its mission to be a timely resource of information for students. We will strive to get your questions answered and we hope to help ease anxiety by sifting through the flood of announcements and resources, and sharing what you need to know most. And perhaps more than ever, we understand the importance of our role as a place for students’ voices to be heard. As we are separated by physical space, we will still need each other, and we hope we can provide some of the connectedness and community we will surely need in these coming weeks.

Especially during times like these, it is vital to have a free flow of information. All of our stories will still be available online at thesunflower.com and we’re currently evaluating whether we will continue our weekly print operations. I can assure you that despite the distance, we are still connected to campus and committed to informing students, faculty, staff and the Wichita State community.

As always, if you have questions you want answered or have story ideas for The Sunflower,  please email [email protected].


Stay safe, stay healthy, stay informed,

Kylie Cameron

The Sunflower Editor in Chief