Sunflower Soundtrack: A Quarantine Lifestyle

A playlist ranging from parodies to Beyoncé, made specifically for those living a not-so-successful quarantine lifestyle.


Screenshot of the playlist on Spotify.

Kamilah’s Picks 

‘Homecoming: The Live Album’ by Beyonce 

Imagine this: You’re in your room with the fairy or LED lights illuminating what’s about to happen. You press play on this album and the narrator says, “Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Beyonce’s Homecoming 2018.” Then the whistle blows seven times. You know what that feels like? Power. And that’s why you should listen to the entire project during quarantine. 

‘Bounce Jouvert Anthem’ by Daddy-E, Soddi 

Can all my alcohol enthusiasts raise their hand? This one is for you. This soca song out of the small Caribbean island of Anguilla basically yells, “MY CUP IS A 16 OUNCE, I GOING GEH CROSS TODAY.”  So why not? Passing out in the comfort of your own room is a quarantine vibe that I don’t fully promote, but I understand. Drink responsibly. 

‘The Kids Are Alright’ by Chloe x Halle 

What’s a better way to up your confidence than hearing the soulful and soothing voice of this sister duo telling you that you’re all right? Not only will it put you in a happy mood, but it will also motivate you as you write on your white board that we are THE generation and there will be a revolution you know, after the pandemic. This should not motivate you to go out and galavant, though. Please stay inside.

‘Quarantine & Chill’ by Gizmo876 

Here are three tips for quarantining with your significant other. 

1.) Make sure you’re not going back and forth from each other’s location. Stay in one place.

2.) Make sure you have enough supplies for the both of you. Is there enough soap for both of you to shower? Are there enough condoms? Yes, condoms.

3.) Lastly, listen to “Quarantine & Chill” from up-and-coming artist Gizmo876 out of the island of Jamaica. It makes you chuckle a little and just might convince you to get a customized hazmat suit.


Karen’s Picks

‘Stayin Alive’ by The Bee Gees

Aren’t we all just trying our best to stay alive right now? Some of us are buying toilet paper in bulk and others are using hand sanitizer every time they touch something new. Since you’re staying at home to stay alive, you might as well boogie down and poorly sing, “I’m staying alive” to keep it a reality. 

‘Quarantine (Freeverse)’ by Chris Webby 

This song is meant to be goofy with the lyrics, “See y’all out there in 2021, eh, maybe 2022” and “my friends text me I’m like, ‘don’t come thru,’”, but it’s actually such a bop. I hope this song is played at parties once ‘rona is out of our lives for good.

‘Quarantine and Chill’ by Bazanji 

Ah, another great Quarantine parody not to be confused with Kamilah’s “Quarantine and Chill” pick. I guess it only takes a pandemic and a few days of house arrest to really elevate people’s level of creativity. 

‘I Don’t Want to Wash My Hands’ by More Fatter

Contrary to the song’s title you should wash your hands. All jokes aside, this is a good song. It’s upbeat tempo manages to hide its lyrics about depression rather well. Definitely my kind of music.  


Brogan’s Picks 

‘Ballad of a Hand’ by Jon LaJoie

If you were in middle school around 2010, you may remember Jon LaJoie as the irreverent YouTube comedian that made songs like  “Everyday Normal Guy” and the poorly aged “Show Me Your Genitals.” From what I assume was due to the boredom of quarantine, LaJoie’s back showing he’s still got those funny goods with a short song about how his hand feels about the pandemic.

‘YOLO’ by the Lonely Island (featuring Adam Levine and Kendrick Lamar)

Still remembering my middle school and early high school years, for awhile, it seemed like every person that did something insanely dangerous and stupid used the motto “you only live once.” But The Lonely Island knew what that really meant: we need to be terrified of life. There’s no reason to board up your house like a zombie flick, but be safe, take precautions, and wash your hands, because you only live once.

‘The Shire’ by Howard Shore

It’s not really funny, but “The Shire” is one of the chillest songs from “The Lord of the Rings” and man is quarantine a great time to just chill. Also, you know hobbits wouldn’t be leaving their comfy little holes. They’d be staying home, kicking up their hairy little feet and enjoying second breakfast. 


Noah’s Picks 

‘Work From Home’ by Fifth Harmony and Ty Dolla $ign 

Between Zoom meetings and Blackboard assignments, most of us are doing all of our work from home. This song is a bop and perfect for dancing around your house in your underwear… that is, if you live alone and aren’t stuck with family. 

‘Fever Dream’ by mxmtoon 

With all this crazy going on in the world, sometimes we just need a moment to remember what it’s like to be free and outside of our homes. Mxmtoon really captures the feeling of nostalgia in her song “Fever Dream,” and it’s a great escape from egg shell walls and heated blankets.  

‘Hostage’ by Billie Eilish 

I’m sure we’re all starting to feel like hostages in our own homes, but most of all, I think many of us are missing out on time spent with significant others. Billie Eilish is the perfect artist to sit in bed and cry to while you think of all the fun things you could be doing with them.

‘Stupid Love’ by Lady Gaga

Let’s take a moment of silence for every little monster in the world — they’ve taken one of the biggest L’s of 2020. With COVID-19 becoming a global pandemic, Lady Gaga postponed her album release date. This is a crushing blow to all Gaga fans, especially in a time when we could’ve used some happiness from Gaga’s incredible pop music.