SAC sticking to its mission of keeping students involved during COVID-19


Morgan Anderson

Wichita State students Royce Siebert and Donavon Cheeks speak with SAC president Emily Liston during a meeting that took place earlier in the semester.

With campus closed, Wichita State’s Student Activities Council is finding ways to adjust programming during the stay-at-home order. 

SAC has hosted digital Watch Party Wednesdays, Tuesday trivia, and an online TikTok talent show, to name a few.

“Because we are so student run, we definitely looked at what was fair to ask of our students who are also going through [COVID-19],” SAC President Emily Liston said.

 “A lot of our members and our executive board who are responsible for so much . . . were told to leave their dorms and go home and do everything online.”

Liston said SAC made the decision to keep running online because keeping WSU students involved is as important as ever in these strange times.

“SAC really wanted to do our part in making that easier and making quarantine better,” Liston said. “It’s never going to be great, but we’re doing what we can do to make it better for our students and our community.”

Liston said that with college students feeling isolated, SAC can maintain a sense of community. She said SAC’s goal of making students happy hasn’t changed.

“The more people are involved, the more likely they are to graduate and to graduate in four years, and we didn’t want to lose that,” Liston said. “It’s already been proven that that’s what helps keep a lot of people in college . . . and we wanted to keep people in college and happy and successful while they’re at home.”

SAC is currently organizing a virtual scavenger hunt. The winner of the scavenger hunt gets a pair of the latest AirPods. Students can register for the competition through Shocker Sync. 

Liston said she maintains hope that SAC will be able to hold face-to-face activities by the fall semester.

“We hope to be on campus again in the fall, and if we are, we’ll be ready for a fantastic year,” she said.