Hidden gem of Wichita State: South Campus

The Wichita State South Campus has a lot of character, more than those who have never taken a class there know. The facilities and staff are a wonderful extension of WSU.

If you can take a class down there, I highly recommend it.

The campus is located in Derby, just off Highway 15 next to Dillons. It takes approximately 23 minutes to get from the main campus to the Derby campus.

A few years ago, I took a psychology of women class on Thursday nights there. It was my first experience on the Derby campus, and I was excited about what the staff provided us.

The staff goes above and beyond what they are supposed to do for students.

 For holidays, they decorate. When I walked in before Halloween, a giant paper skeleton man that moved toward you when you opened the front door greeted me.

For Valentines Day, they had hearts up everywhere.

The staff is eager to help out, whether it is with printing or letting you borrow a pencil. Overall, they’re just friendly.

My favorite part about the south campus is that when I am done with class at 10 o’clock at night, a nice security guard watches me to walk to my car. As a female student, there is a sense of peace knowing that someone knows I got in my car OK, something that’s not necessarily true at the West or main campus.

So, go take a class at the south campus, because it’s a pleasant place to be.