‘The Fosters’ wraps second season, ends with cliffhanger

It happened a week ago, but the season two finale of ABC Family’s hit drama, “The Fosters,” still has fans talking on social media.

Like many of the show’s episodes, there were several intersecting storylines, similar to other episodes. Here’s a highlight of the finale’s memorable moments:

Jude and Connor

After Connor was shot in the foot a few episodes ago while sneaking out with Jude, Daria and Taylor, his dad won’t let the two friends see each other. Jude, wanting desperately to see Connor after Connor says he came out to his dad, took it upon himself to visit his friend in the hospital.

He even painted his nails blue, just like he did way back in season one, to boost his confidence, knowing he has to confront Connor’s father in order to see his friend. Jude arrived at the hospital and tells Connor’s dad that he won’t leave until he is allowed to see his friend.

Lena, Jude’s mother, comes to the hospital later on and defends Jude and Connor’s friendship to Connor’s father.

Not to give too much away, but there is some “Jonnor,” the social media name of their relationship, between the boys in one of the most touching scenes in television history.

Since the premiere of the finale, a social media campaign to get actors Hayden Byerly (Jude) and Gavin MacIntosh (Connor) to appear on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” to talk about being one of the youngest same-sex couples on television has spread on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. The hashtag “GetJonnorOnEllen” is being used to get the actors on the show. No word yet if DeGeneres has considered the proposal.

Callie’s emancipation

In the previous episode, Stef and Lena made plans to emancipate Callie, allowing her to be adopted by them, without Robert, her biological father’s, knowledge. After a brief credit card scare, the path has been cleared for Callie to get emancipated.

While on a visit with Robert, she meets her grandfather, who has a rough relationship with Robert. She sees her father in a new light and promises to be part of his family. Shortly after, Robert gets a call from his lawyer, revealing Callie’s plan to be emancipated.

Afterward, it seems like Robert has the advantage that will allow him to take custody of Callie, but Robert reveals a different side of himself when everyone goes before the judge.

It’s a shocking, yet satisfying, moment.


At the end of last week’s episode, Stef brought Ana, Jesus and Mariana’s birth mother, to the Adams Foster home, after finding pregnant Ana living in abysmal housing.

While Ana’s sudden appearance in the home is awkward at first, it allows her to bond with the two children she once chose drugs over, leading to a few emotional scenes with her and Mariana.

However, a car crash in the closing seconds of the episode involving Ana and the twins could spell trauma in season three.

All in all, the episode was packed with impressive, emotional storytelling. Unfortunately, fans have to wait until June to see new episodes. Luckily, about two-thirds of the series is on Netflix, with the rest of season two expected to premiere soon. June can’t come quickly enough.