From the A&E editor: It’s time to stop undervaluing our arts



Karen Galindo, arts and entertainment editor

Welcome new and returning Shockers! I’m Karen Galindo, this semester’s arts and entertainment editor at The Sunflower. I am looking forward to covering campus culture to the best of my ability.

In the age of COVID-19, student artists and performers will face new and difficult challenges, like rehearsing and performing through virtual platforms. I plan to cover these changes and the stories that reflect their impact on students.

I also want to use my platform to support the arts and emphasize their value. The arts are usually underfunded, overlooked, and undervalued, which is interesting because everything involves art. The music you listen to on your way to class, the clothes you wear, the television shows you binge-watch — all are connected to fine arts.

The arts are also a form of speech and expression. Throughout history they have been used for political action and statements, serving as catalysts for societal change. They have also been used as beacons of hope during difficult times — just take a look at all the art that has emerged during this strenuous year and during lockdown.

It’s time to stop underappreciating the arts and the benefits they provide.

As your arts and entertainment editor, I hope to showcase all the good that WSU fine arts bring to our campus and the artists behind them. I also hope to meet and connect with interesting people throughout campus and bring their stories to life — especially since feature stories are the most fun to write.

I like to think of the arts and entertainment section of The Sunflower as fun, meaningful and lively. I hope to highlight at least one local artist every month, whether they’re a student, community member or faculty member.

If you have any story ideas, know any talented artists, or just want to share your input on the section, please email me at [email protected]. I’d also highly encourage you to apply to be a part of The Sunflower staff if you’re interested in joining the A&E team.

I wish you the best of luck with this new and interesting semester. Go Shocks!