Kamilah’s Corner

This is to new beginnings


Easton Thompson

Sunflower Columnist Kamilah Gumbs.

Ayah look my peace. They went and gave this girl from Sint Maarten a place to talk. 

Welcome to Kamilah’s Korner, written by yours truly, Kamilah Gumbs. As one of the official columnists for The Sunflower newspaper, I aim to present my opinions on the various issues we are facing within our Wichita State community and the city in general. These opinions are 100 percent mine, and derived from the experiences of a Black bisexual woman who is also an international student. As a political science major, this column will have an analysis aspect as we break down the socio-political issues we as Wichita State students face. 

This column is a part of a new chapter of my life. This semester is a new beginning of all of our lives. 

We’ve all entered this semester blindsided. The first day of school crept up on us and slapped us straight across our faces. We were hit with all the realities of attending university in the midst of a global pandemic. From trying to figure out if our classes really had to be in person, to upping our screen time by at least 70 percent. It doesn’t help that there isn’t a clear sense of direction from the university’s administration. The lack of transparency is creating a bigger rift within our community – one that consistently advertises itself as united. 

I am here to tell you that every single emotion you feel is valid. You have the right to be enraged at how administrators are dealing with the restart of classes. You have the right to be frustrated with your professors who decided it’s their time to go against the few ‘clear’ rules the university has allowed. You have the right to be annoyed by having to travel all the way to campus for one class, having to pay for a parking pass you would rarely use. I encourage everyone to express these emotions, whether through social media outlets, letters to faculty or sharing your concerns with your representatives within the Student Government Association. 

Unfortunately, this is our new norm. Until the university decides to be transparent, we are going to continue to be frustrated with the institution we give so much of our money, time and resources to. With the way the country and even the city is reacting to Covid-19, we are going to continue to face situations where we have to adapt to this virus. However, this is still a new beginning. Whether we love the situation we are in or not, we have to push through it. I’m not going to sit here and tell you that things are going to be filled with sunshine and rainbows. Things are going to be like that one meme where the dog is drinking from the mug stating ‘this is fine’ while a fire surrounds him. This semester is going to be different. It’s going to be stressful, but it’s going to be okay. To my seniors, you will get that degree, and strive in this new complicated job market. To my freshman, experiencing your freshman year in this format just gives you even more stories to tell future generations. To the rest of us in between, we will push through. So grab your cup (hopefully it’s filled with a non-alcoholic drink if you’re under 21) and toast to our new beginnings.