New semester, better newspaper

Welcome back, Shockers.

The Sunflower hopes you all had a relaxing winter break and are ready to begin the new semester.

For the past few weeks, the staff of the paper has been preparing for a new semester, which will include some changes on how we present the news to our readers. We do this in the hopes of maintaining readership, as well as offering different ways of providing information to Wichita State students.

The biggest difference this spring will be our usage of multimedia.

In the past, the paper has tried to offer multimedia content for readers, but for one reason or another, things fell through and the idea was scrapped.

At this time, however, we have staff members who are excited to use multimedia to tell stories in addition to our print product. We also have a new multimedia editor, who will work with the editors and staff to create digital content for readers.

Some of the content we will be producing includes podcasts, photo-sound slideshows, video news/feature stories and more.

Not all of the multimedia content we produce will be related to stories featured in our print product. Some of our stories will be able to stand on their own — stories that work better for video or audio. At other times, we will use digital content to supplement stories featured in the newspaper.

Using multimedia to tell stories to our readers will be a process. We don’t plan on doing everything perfectly the first time, but we will certainly try.

The Sunflower always strives to bring the WSU community the best content it can provide, and we plan to do the same with our online content.

Stay with us as we start to evolve our storytelling methods. We will continue publishing the newspaper three times a week, and we hope you enjoy seeing your student newspaper grow and improve.