Doug Gottlieb: CBS personality, ‘college basketball expert’

Sports Editor

Let me start off by saying I can’t believe I’m writing this column.

To give Doug Gottlieb any attention whatsoever is the wrong thing to do. My only advice is that you don’t listen to his show and you don’t follow him on Twitter — it’ll only irritate you.

Gottlieb is a CBS personality and a CBS/self-proclaimed “college basketball expert.”

Last year, I was able to have a little fun with Gottlieb, which resulted in him deleting some of his tweets.

Short and sweet: I told him he wasn’t a college basketball expert.

He told me his dad was a coach, brother was a coach, and he played collegiately and professionally, which apparently deems him “expert.”

I told him my dad’s a doctor, my mom’s a nurse, my sister is an RA for medical students and I’ve been checked in to numerous hospitals, but it does not make me a health care expert.

Hence him deleting all his tweets.

After our little debate, the Wichita Eagle’s Bob Lutz took on Gottlieb on Gottlieb’s radio show then again the next day on Lutz’s radio show.

All along it’s been impossible for Gottlieb to say anything about the Shocker men’s basketball team without doing something backhanded.

I unfollowed him on Twitter, but somehow someone’s tweet about him got me sucked back in, and during yesterday’s game, he did it again.

Gottlieb tweeted, “Love Ron Baker, not an NBA player — some teams liked him last year,but is tweener who can’t play the 1, defend the 1 at next level.”

Not long after the game, Gottlieb deleted this tweet probably because he’ll be able to later say he never said it. Luckily, advances in technology allowed me to screenshot it.

He loves Ron Baker, but has to point out that he can’t play at the next level (his opinion of course, not mine).

I, along with various NBA management and NBA scouts, believe Baker will play at the next level. He’s a better defender and ball handler than J.J. Reddick was out of Duke and Reddick’s done pretty well for himself in the NBA.

I digress, just read what Gottlieb tweeted next:

Yes, apparently Ron Baker is a tweener in the NBA, but can make it in the National Football League, even though Baker played quarterback in high school and not wide receiver.

And yes, Gottlieb has gone from a college basketball expert to an expert on the NBA and NFL as well, even though he’s done nothing in either professional league.

But, who am I? I’m a 26-year-old sub-par college student that’s been in school far too long for my own good. I haven’t played any pro or college sports, so what do I know?

I’ll just fill you in on what Gottlieb asked Ron Baker on the “Doug Gottlieb Show” last year.

He asked nine questions. Four of them were about the actual team and basketball.

The other five questions were about his popularity, the paparazzi in Scott City, Kan., how much attention he pays to his hair, if girls pass out when they see him and finally about his popularity, which was already mentioned previously.

All of this coming from the guy that says the smartest people in the world don’t make the same mistake twice and that he doesn’t make the same mistake twice. I take this as meaning Gottlieb believes he is one of the smartest people in the world.

Again, I can’t believe I wasted my time writing this. Gottlieb is a Twitter troll. He knows it. He just won’t admit it.

Any time he says something bad about someone, he says he’s just being honest while others are being nice.

Well, I’m being honest. Gottlieb annoys and irritates the heck out of me.

He’s a personality alright, but no expert.