Valentine’s Day 2021: Ways to express your love from six feet away

2020 was a hard year. But if it has taught us anything, it’s that it’s so important to remind your loved ones that you care for them. 

So for Valentine’s Day 2021, let’s not let the present circumstances get in the way of reminding others that we are grateful for them. Here are a few ideas to make your Valentine feel special — whether they’re a significant other, family member or friend.

A care package for your quarantined loved ones

Let’s be real here: We’re still in the middle of a pandemic. People are having to quarantine left and right because of either positive tests or known contact to the virus. 

But just because they’re quarantined doesn’t mean you can’t express your love and appreciation for them on this special day. 

So grab a box, your loved one’s favorite candy, a stuffed animal, and some other goodies to keep them entertained during their quarantine. Remind them that even though you can’t be together in person, you’re always together in the heart.

A social distanced picnic in the frigid cold

While the weather right now isn’t exactly perfect for a relaxing picnic, make the best of it and invite some of your loved ones to enjoy nature for a little while.  

Build a bonfire, bring some yummy sweets, and organize some fun games to play centered around expressing your love for each other (socially distanced of course).  It’ll be an afternoon you won’t forget, and not just because of the cold weather.

A spotify playlists of songs that remind you of them

Music speaks in an entirely different language then words can. In its own way, music speaks to the soul. 

So if you’re at a loss for words on how much someone means to you— send them some songs that make you feel the way you feel around them. Make a playlist with a cute title (and a couple of heart emojis, of course), some of your favorite tunes, and I promise you they’ll feel special.

A handwritten letter expressing your love

If you’re looking to not break the bank but still give your loved ones something sentimental, take the time to sit and write down all the reasons you love them in a heartfelt letter.  

No matter who you are giving it to, it’s a gift they will treasure forever.  Buy some special stationary and center in to how grateful you are for the people in your life.