OPINION: The bad luck of 2020 followed me into 2021


Imagine it. New Years, all happy and excited for the new year, a new start, new hopes. And then your life gets thrown in the dumpster because it went to trash. 

Wanna know how bad my year started out? Well hold on cause here we go!

The date is Jan. 6, 2021. I start my day out thinking I’m gonna have a great day because I am finally getting a couch in my apartment. My family was bringing it up around noon.

Well I needed to go run an errand, so I walked outside to my truck. But that’s the problem. I couldn’t find my truck anywhere.

It’s not where I usually park. It’s not to my left or my right. I didn’t park it anywhere else. Is what I’m thinking really happening right now?

Yes, my truck was gone. Stolen and nowhere to be seen. So I do the most independent thing a college student can do and call my father.  He tells me to call the police and report it, so that’s exactly what I do.

Not only was my truck stolen that day, but it was the day the Capital was raided by terrorists. So I was just having a really bad day.

I get a call at work the next day saying they found my truck and it’s actually still together. I really thought it was going to be scrapped for pieces because it’s a 1996 Chevrolet. It might be old, but it belonged to my late grandfather so it’s worth everything to me.

They tell me unless I’m able to come pick it up as soon as possible, they have to impound it. Later that night, my father drives down and helps me pick up my truck.

I cried seeing it for the first time. Everything was gone, the truck trashed, everything ruined. They took a screwdriver to the ignition and hot wired it from there to steal it. I don’t know who stole my truck, but I hope they step on infinite legos.

So not only did I have to worry about the impoundment money situation, but to pay to have my truck fixed. Plus I’m out all of the stuff that was in my truck.

The thing is, they can’t charge anyone yet because they don’t know for certain who the driver was, and they don’t charge passengers in these sort of crimes.

My truck takes weeks to get fixed, but in the meantime, something else decides to happen to me.

One early morning at 2 a.m. I was asleep on my couch. I awoke to a sound that I thought was my faucet I left on. I go to the bathroom to turn it off and step in water. I look up and water is pouring out of my air vent. It’s also seeping from the doorframe, the ceiling, the fire alarm, and the electrical fixtures. I’m freaking out grabbing every towel and bowl I have in sight to help stop the water from ruining more items.

After 40 minutes, 24 hour maintenance shows up and helps figure out how to stop it and make things safer. 

I did not sleep that night if you were wondering.

To give another reason why my 2021 has sucked, being a college student is expensive. Not only do you have tuition, books, etc., but you have course fees on top of everything else.

I have one class I’m taking that is $1,000 in course fees. What class requires that much money? I truly don’t understand why college sends us into unbelievable debt, but no one seems to want to fix it.

This all happened in January of 2021. My beginning of the year started out horrible, but I’m hoping the rest of it will go better.

Come on universe, let me vibe.