OPINION: The small moments make up the bigger picture


File Photo By the Sunflower

Morgan Cusick highlights sections of a book while she studies at Fairmount Coffee on August 8.

When we think of the life we want to lead, we often start with all the big picture items. We want to accomplish this, move there, own this, and so much more. But what about all the “inconsequential” events that occur in our everyday life. Are they really inconsequential?

The little things we do such as getting coffee, conversations with friends and family, and the to-do list of our day make up the essence of our life.

If we are constantly focusing on reaching one goal and then the next, when do we truly stop to enjoy all we have done and are doing?

I am a firm believer in making everyday your favorite day. While you are at college, enjoy being at college. When you’re in class, appreciate being in class – instead of patiently waiting for it to be over just to rush to the next thing on your to-do list.

When we stop enjoying the journey, and only focus on destinations we miss out on important and meaningful reflection that can create our happiness.

Our anxiety levels can rise because we are always in the future and never in the now. We take all the little things for granted.

Enjoy your time studying at the library, or the late-night talks with friends. Enjoy the process of school and working toward your goal to do meaningful work that’s important to you.

When you turn your morning cup of coffee into something to look forward to rather than just another tedious part of your day, you practice gratitude in a small but effective way.

The reality is you’ll spend a lot of time not on vacation or buying materialistic items, but doing your day-to-day actions. So pick how you spend each day with meaning, appreciation, and gratitude.

It’s easy to find ourselves, especially in college, saying “I just have to get through this week” or day, or year. But pretty soon you’re constantly just trying to get through your life, instead of enjoying it. I’m guilty of saying this, and it’s still a work in progress to fix that mindset.

Everyday is far from perfect, but it always helps when we aspire for a good day. Romanticize your life and how you live it. Aspire to make every day beautiful and filled with meaningful conversations, places, and actions.

Finding joys in the smallest moments is one of the biggest successes of all.