Opinion: The benefits of cardio kickboxing


Wichita State student and professional boxer Manny Thompson trains for his Dec. 1 fight at Title Boxing Club.

An amazing way to relieve stress while building strength, increasing flexibility and enhancing your balance; kickboxing.

The build-up of stress weighs heavy on your shoulders as the semester continues. You feel like screaming into the void to release some tension, however that could make you appear a little crazy; you do you though.

Cardio kickboxing lets you blow off some steam in a healthy and safe way without having to have physical contact with anyone else; just you and the bag.

Cardio kickboxing is you standing in front of a bag with loud music, an energetic instructor and some fun. Sometimes we don’t even realize how much stress we need to let out before we start hitting that bag.

Had a bad day? Hit a bag. Didn’t do well on an assignment? Hit a bag. Relationship or family problems? Hit a bag.

Problem? Solution.

Instead of sitting and letting your problems pile up and overflow your mind, release some tension and take out some of your frustration on an inanimate object that can’t hit back.

Cardio kickboxing resembles the structure of a hiit workout — high intensity interval training — and allows you to increase your heart rate, which improves your overall heart health.

It also is a great way to burn calories and all that chick-fil-a I may or may not be eating a lot of.

Another benefit is the mental distraction. During class you are listening to the instructor and letting them tell you what to do — eliminating your choices and process of decision making — which is beneficial when we normally make an estimated 35,000 decisions a day. Give your brain a break.

Like most workouts, there is the added benefit that your energy levels actually rise after working out. While you may feel physically exhausted, your energy levels will start to take a boost, helping you perform better in school, at work, and could possibly increase your social life as well.

Release some stress, hit a bag and call it a good day.