OPINION: We need to stop trying to retell fairytales in today’s society — it never makes sense

OPINION: We need to stop trying to retell fairytales in today’s society — it never makes sense

I’m sure everyone saw at least one advertisement for the new “Cinderella” movie, which was released on Amazon Prime on Sept. 3.  While scrolling aimlessly for something to watch, I decided to click on it purely for comedic purposes, because I had heard people talking about the terrible autotune in the movie.  It did not disappoint.

There are so many things wrong with this movie, and I won’t take up your time describing all of the little details and parts that they got wrong.  If you are looking for the worst autotune in the movie, though, check out the stepmother’s song.  

Also, many of the songs were not even original songs and instead just overplayed pop songs.  I think they should have made an original soundtrack to the movie, and it kind of feels like a cop-out.  It makes the movie feel messy, and the character’s using slang words such as “she cray” made it feel like a cringey mom desperately trying to be cool with her teenage daughter.

I didn’t really like the scene where the girls at the ball dance and try to “seduce” the prince- we don’t need young people thinking that finding your true love is about competing with others and being as beautiful as possible.  I know that this is an original part of the movie, but they could have found a slightly different approach to this scene.  

Camillo Cabello is also, surprise surprise, a not terrific actress.  Her supporting characters outshine her in almost every scene, and I could almost say that I looked forward to the musical numbers so she wasn’t talking anymore.  

I want to say that I appreciate the intent of making this movie.  There are many values and ideas in old Disney movies that should not be promoted to our kids, but I also found plenty of confusing messages in this movie as well.  If I was a kid and watched this as my first Cinderella movie, I don’t think I would know what to think.

I think that they had the right idea for this movie, but it was executed very poorly.  Also, I think that there is a point to be made that we could stop making remakes of old Disney princess movies.  These fairy tales are set in past societies, where our current improved society doesn’t remotely make any sense.