OPINION: Steve from Blue’s Clues created the perfect ending for our childhood


As we move forward with our lives in college, we tend to reminisce on the past. Majority of college students are fresh out of high school and as we enter the world of adulthood, many become overwhelmed. Everything we grew up with is now a memory of the past. When will we catch a break? When will we receive a small breath of fresh air?

Steve from Blue’s Clues was this breath of fresh air. For those who do not know about the show, Blue’s Clues was a children’s television series from the late 90’s and ended in the early 2000’s. Steve lived in a world with talking inanimate objects and blue and magenta dogs. Blue, Steve’s dog, would leave clues for whatever she wanted because unlike the salt shaker she could not speak.

In 2002, the actor who played Steve decided to leave the show. Even though Steve was ending his time on the show, Nick Jr was not ready to let the show end. This left us with Joe, Steve’s brother. Although Joe did an amazing job in filling in Steve’s footprints, children were left wondering why he had to go.

Steve’s character left for college and we never heard from him again. He left his dog and friends behind. This helped to create a mindset that once you leave for college, you also leave your childhood behind. The world of make believe is officially gone and now that we are adults, we must focus on real life.

This year was the 25th anniversary of the original airing of the show Blue’s Clues. The show was recently rebooted and is taken over by a man named Josh. Josh lives in Steve and Joe’s old house and he now carries the responsibility of taking care of Blue. Within the reboot, Joe and Steve frequently make brief appearances.

This not only allows for the new generation of Blue’s Clues fans to enjoy the show but their parents as well. Many 90’s kids who grew up with the show now have children of their own. By incorporating Steve and Joe within the series, even for a moment, allows for them to be captivated by the show as well.

For the 25th anniversary, Steve decided to leave a message for us, the original watchers of the series. In the two minute long video, Steve wanted to speak to us 90’s and early 2000’s kids directly. He used the song “You Can Do Anything That You Want to Do” as a play on words to show what he has accomplished.

He then progresses to commend us on how great we are doing growing up. He talked about the major stressors caused by growing up (student loans, jobs, family, children). We do not hear about these stressors as much because being a kid and learning about these ideas can be overwhelming, but with Steve understanding what we are going through is that small breath of fresh air.

Steve was not shy in the short video. We, the audience, helped Steve to overcome his challenges and give him a sense of relief just as he has helped us in our childhood. Knowing that someone cares about us and “has not forgotten” about us is amazing to hear. Steve is one of those actors that truly cares about his audience and he wanted to make that known.

With the major stressors in life beginning to develop in our lives, Steve gave us a moment to stay calm and relax. He is an actor and he shows that he has his struggles in life, but we can overcome it.

Although we are approaching our twenties, thirties, and even forties we can remember we do not have to fully let our childhood go. Continue to reminisce on the past. Continue to pretend you can fly and chase the end of a rainbow. Maybe just do not talk to a salt shaker or mailbox — so you don’t look crazy.

We are college students and young adults. Thank you Steve for not forgetting about us.