OPINION: People need to stop blaming different generations and start thanking them


Manny De Los Santos

A fan hugs Wu during Wednesday’s game against Drake at Charles Koch Arena. (Jan. 4, 2017)

Blaming Baby Boomers, Millennials, or Generation Z is a common thing to do between generations. There’s a hypocritical blame-game going around and it needs to end.

I’ve participated in this in the past, blaming a different generation for a problem, but I realized that it doesn’t do anything and isn’t fair to all the good people from that generation.

These three generations cannot be summed up by certain actions, and are not defined by the chaos that may be going on. The truth is, if the Boomers, Generation Z, or Millennials switched places, the world would probably still be heading into some problems.

There are bad people in every generation, but we can’t dismiss a whole group because of that — We shouldn’t. A lot of mistakes have been made, and more will be made, but we need to focus on growing from them instead of wasting energy and blaming them.

There were people worried about climate change in the past and there are people concerned about it now. You can’t blame an entire generation for it though. Because if the tables were reversed those large manufacturers and other contributors would still have occurred.

Climate change is just one example of an argument between generations. It is hypocritical of the younger generations to “blame” boomers for it though, especially when they actively participate in it themselves.

Fast fashion, consumerism, driving and using gas? Yes, you most likely participate in one of them — if not all — which are all contributors to climate change. I’m not saying this is right or wrong — I’m saying you participate and it’s hypocritical to blame others.

You have the right to be upset, or feel stressed about climate change and other situations we are now facing, but instead of blaming others  — actively try to help. It’s easy to blame, it’s harder to actually step up and try to overcome it.

Another example is people love to complain about social media, and wish it had never been created, they blame those who made it — and then they use it.

We need to stop putting the blame on each other for what’s happening, and work together to fix it. We need to thank each other for the opportunities that have been made.

Almost everything —not every single thing — that was invented was created to try to better our lives — trains, cars, social media and medicine. It wasn’t created to do damage. Now, some of it definitely has, but that wasn’t the goal— At least, I hope not.

Let’s thank the doctors and researchers of older generations who have created medicine and treatments to help people. Thank engineers for city planning, buildings, and so much more. Thank teachers for teaching us and leading us to where we are now.

Let’s thank younger generations for their pursuit to help the world, the creations they are now making, and the constant need to build a better world.

It may be idealistic to want everyone to get along and respect one another; but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t happen. Let’s learn from our mistakes and grow for future generations.

It’s time to move past our generational boundaries and accept the mistakes that were made and be grateful that the world is recognizing those mistakes and trying to do better.

Younger generations should thank former generations for trying to make the world a better place and older generations should be thanking younger generations for the activism and care we show for the world.

At the end of the day, we need to own up to our own actions, understand and forgive others for their mistakes, and stop blaming different generations.

The last thing the world needs is more hate and more hypocrites.