OPINION: “The boys” are an important relationship


What is the most important relationship a man can have? Is it with his parents? No. Is it with his significant other? No. Is it maybe with relatives or other family members? Again no. The most important relationship a man can have is with his boys.

“The boys” is not just a construct that keeps young men together, but it is also a lifestyle. A lifestyle guided by 3 key points: 1) You can always have a good time 2) Try to make a party out of every situation 3) You’re part of “the boys” for life.

A man that hangs with his boys is doing the duty that every good man in America needs. He is relinquishing all of his daily activities to support his homies along the paths of life.

Who do I turn to when I’m getting clapped in Warzone? Who do I turn to when my Kansas City Chiefs lose to the Buffalo Bills because they have a terrible defense? The boys come to the rescue.

Sometimes I need a quick cuddle session with my homies. Sometimes I need my boys to help pump me up with some encouraging words like “bro, you’re definitely stronger than him, look at your biceps,” The relationship between us is stronger than any I’ve ever had with a woman. And why is that?

My boys just get me. They have no other motive than to follow point 1) You can always have a good time. A relationship is definitely cool, but the love my boys give is just on another level.

There is a major problem in the world that is destroying “the boys” and that is the “simp.” A simp is a dude that is part of the boys, but yet just follows his girl around like a stray puppy.

You can’t have that. What if your boys want to go for a drive and listen to some T-swifty, but you can’t because your boy wants to go hang out with his girlfriend Samantha. Your boy is slowly becoming dependent, not upon the emotional support that a good homie can give, but on his girlfriend.

I’m not saying that a boy can’t have a relationship, I’m just saying you gotta save some time for the most important relationship in your life. Saturdays are not enough, you need that homie on homie contact at least 3 to 4 times a week.

At the end of the day you gotta wave the “Full Send” flag high and remember the most important relationship you’ll ever have is with your boys. Don’t forget that as some girl tries to steal you away, don’t forget that as you graduate college and become some big wig. The boys are for life.