OPINION: Turning Point USA should sue SGA


The Wichita State Chapter of Turning Point USA should sue the Wichita State Student Government Association for barring the rights of Freedom of Speech under the First Amendment of the United States. Turning Point USA filed an appeal to the student supreme court, and it was passed, but my previous comment remains true.

At an SGA session, there was debate on whether to allow the organization “Turning Point USA” as a registered student organization. Many fearing that “white nationalist” ideals are held by the organization’s members, which could create a campus fraught with hate speech and violence.

What they are doing is a violation of rights under the First Amendment of the United States. What is particularly important is the fact that the reason why they voted against Turning Point’s RSO status is not because the group has done something against the law, but because of potential future harm that could be attached to the group by having views contrary to the majority. That’s why I believe they voted against the group. They want to erase what they deem as the “incorrect” view of the world.

There are currently no members part of the organization that hold white-supremacist beliefs, nor does the organization take any stances on social issues. This is very important to consider when thinking about the RSO status, if the group does not plan to take any action on issues regarding race, why would it be an issue that the SGA would even discuss?

They aren’t looking at what the organization stands for. They have a preconceived bias and were looking for something that would allow them to deny the organization from having a voice. Why would the SGA want to keep the group from having the ability to air their concerns? It is hard to tell, but considering the group leans more conservative I would conclude that it played a major part.

This is not something just at WSU though, it exists across the country — for every conservative that wants to attain higher education at a university. They want conservatives to give up their views of the world and accept one’s that are foreign. They believe in “diversity” as long as it has nothing to do with beliefs different from their own.

This is injustice. This is bias. For conservatives we must group together and we must speak out, we must take action and not let our beliefs be shut down, simply for having them.

I know that it is easy to sit back and let the left have their way, but if they have their way it means that you won’t be able to have any thoughts of your own.

It will mean conforming to whatever picture they want you to see when you wake up in the morning. Conservatives opinions are equally valid and at Wichita State we will not be silenced because you disagree.