OPINION: Be the change you want to see at your university


No place, person or thing will ever be perfect. However, we can always push for better in ourselves, others and institutions. We can be grateful while at the same time want to grow. We can want better for everyone.

We can be grateful, but that doesn’t have to mean being content.

You can be happy and content with what you have. But there’s also something awe-inspiring about taking something you’re passionate about and pushing for better for it.

Wichita State has amazing organizations, but does it have every organization possible? No. If there’s an organization you want to see be made, you can create it.

There’s also an amazing faculty at Wichita State, but if you’re running into problems with that professor, speak up because others may be struggling with them as well. Talk to them about it, and if it’s not something you can do, then take it up with the university itself.

If there are events you want, or ideas you have. Share them with your teachers, students and other faculty. Ask your teachers or dean’s how it could happen.

Utilize the resources WSU has and then explore how it could be better. We pay a lot of money for school, and we should never have to settle. Work with the university to create a better place for yourself and other students as well.

Being an idealist with hope for a utopian school isn’t a fault. You can love your school and still want to see change. You may not think your idea is important, but if it’s important to you then it matters.

We’re given four years, give or take, and we should want it to be the best experience we can. The university has the opportunity to create more opportunities, fix solutions and create a better environment, we just have to push for it.

There will always be problems or improvements, but that doesn’t mean we stop pushing for them. Leave your mark on WSU, and make an impact. Join clubs, propose ideas and create.

If you are content with the university, that’s okay — it’s a great school. However, it’s also okay if you want to see another club created or another team made. It might not be easy, and it’ll take some effort, but it can be done or at least worked toward.

Go create memories, hope and a university you love. Be the change you want to see.