Clarence Jackson prepares for a season to remember


Sean Marty / The Sunflower

Clarence Jackson looks over to the WSU bench during the exhibition game against Missouri Southern State on Nov. 1 inside Charles Koch Arena.

Clarence “Monzy” Jackson, a tenacious offensive rebounder and electric comprehensive player is looking to improve in every area of his game as he approaches the 2021-2022 season. 

Jackson was nicknamed “Monzy” after his aunt described she didn’t want to call him “Clarence”. So, she spiced up his name and it stuck.

In the off-season Jackson looked to improve his physical stature gaining 25 pounds, to make his game more like that of Dennis Rodman.

“Me and Coach Kerry Rosenboom have been getting after it, he had me lifting crates throughout the day…I want to have a breakout year, so I knew I had to put on some size, so I have been eating three times days…trying to stay in shape with it,” he said.

Jackson said he admires Rodman’s game.

“Just that tenacity and that merciless mentality,” Jackson said. “When he sees the ball, he gets the ball…I just want to use his mindset to play hard at all times and get every ball that comes off the glass.”

Jackson’s teammates were impressed with him last year, along with going into this season. He was also voted as the “Most Inspirational Player” by coaches. 

“That’s just me and my personality, and the way I carry myself,” Jackson said, “When I walk into the room I want to light up the room, I just apply that to the court. With my God-given ability, it has given me the ability to bring joy on the court.”

The merciless mentality going into each game is what sets Jackson apart. He is looking to use it especially in games in conference play.

“I am looking forward to Memphis, they have a lot of hype around them,” Jackson said. “I am a competitor and I am ready to compete. I would also say Houston, cause last year we had some nice battles with them. I’m ready to meet them in Houston, and I am ready to meet them in Memphis.”

Jackson wants to zone in on improving his game, with the goals set high.

 “I want to average at least 10 rebounds, and a double-double. I have been working on my shot, working on everything,” he said.

Being a well-balanced player, he is focused on not just his strengths, but also improving on his weaknesses. The amount of work Jackson put in is substantial, and his family is his motivation.

“My son, I want to give him the world,” Jackson said. “So I have been trying to use him as motivation, to give no excuses about life. Everything I do is for him.” 

Jackson said it will be a season to look forward to.

“It is going to be very exciting,” he said. “When I say I am going to give my all, it’s going to be a show. Last year we weren’t at full capacity, but we had a great crowd and I appreciate that. But this year I want every home game to be packed out. I want to make the fans and my teams happy.”