OPINION: Why we should drop old trends and find new ones


Fashion and music throughout the decades has given the public iconic pieces of history that live on today, however I believe that it is stopping our creativity.

In the age of digital media, there are so many fashion trends that border on things in the past we have seen. Many fashion pieces from the 60s throughout the early 2000s have made their way back to mainstream media— such as Ariana Grande sticking to the 60s trend for her new makeup line.

I know I speak for myself but I also know that many of us would like to relive these old eras in all their glory.

The Y2K trend that is very popular right now happened almost 20 years ago, and due to the nostalgia that we have suppressed through social media, it has been made a trend because life was simpler then.

For this trend, I believe that most of us are trying to be the very people that we grew up idolizing such as Paris Hilton or Christina Aguilera, who were breaking barriers in the fashion world.

Personally I love bell bottoms, and floral pattern shirts are what I live for, but at this time it’s not creating a new fashion statement, however, these are the pieces that I find in stores today.

I have not found any pieces that really define the era in which we live in. Maybe the trends will start to show in a few years, but in the 2010’s the fashion trends were very prominent such as brightly colored skinny jeans and wedge sneakers.

The creativity has shifted from breaking the fashion molds to recreating old trends that have already been done.

This can also be seen in music with bands like The Beatles, Jackson 5, Queen and Nirvana, which are still very much relevant today as they were back in their time.

They were known for creating statements about what they believed was right, once again breaking the mold.

Yet in today’s mainstream music artists turn to their old predecessors to create massive hits. Such as Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘Good 4 U’  taking inspiration from Paramore’s ‘Misery Business.’

In my opinion the creative mold has already been broken for the old eras. It is time to step up and begin to dissect what the new mold in front of our generation looks like and break it.

We should not just simply try to recreate the old fashion statement and trends but find a way that makes it unique to our current time period. Only then will we find what new fashion trends will emerge that future generations will look to.