OPINION: Please quit asking single people if they’re single at the Thanksgiving table


As we come back from the holiday week, many of us single folks may have been asked the question once (or a couple hundred) times if we have a “someone special” in our lives. You know, the comment followed by some eyebrow wiggles and giggles.

Obviously the answer is no, they know it’s no, but yet we still have to dig up an answer that justifies not bringing someone around for them to torment. Maybe you had to use the good ol’ “No, I’m just too busy right now,” or the “Just working on myself right now.” Let’s be real, whether you are content with being single or not, the questions can start to become annoying.

The worst part is — Thanksgiving is just the start, here comes Christmas and New Years (and talk about holidays that are romanticized). Now there’s Christmas light dates, New Years Eve parties, mistletoe and all the gushy events and activities.

Bottom line, this can be a tough time for people who aren’t seeing someone. We sit on the side, scrolling through Instagram and TikTok, watching these cute couples enjoy the season while we sit here like the Grinch.

The problem doesn’t seem to be the fact of being single, it is the fact that it’s an issue and a topic. Once you say “No, I’m not seeing anyone” the responses go to looking for an excuse or trying to find someone for you. (Thanks Grandma, love you, but I’ll pass on the new boy in your Sunday school class.)

It isn’t a bad thing to not have someone special this time of year, it’s just hard when others make it a bad thing.

Ever since it came out last year, I always watch the Netflix film “Holidate” around this time of year. One, because it’s hilarious. Two, because it perfectly showcases the ridiculousness of thinking you have to have someone during the holiday’s to appease those around you.

So here is my entire message, romanticize the heck out of you and your life. You don’t have to be seeing someone to go see lights, bake cookies or watch a Christmas movie with hot chocolate. You could do all these things yourself, enjoy the time you have alone. Or invite a friend over you haven’t seen in a while, a coworker, a classmate, a grandparent or other family member. Being single doesn’t mean being alone.

Just enjoy your life and don’t feel like you can’t enjoy this time of year if you don’t have a special someone. You’re pretty cool on your own, so embrace that and have some fun.