OPINION: Coaches that decided to leave need to treat their players with more respect


The college football season isn’t even over and there have already been coaches leaving programs, which really shouldn’t come as a shock to many. But the way these coaches are leaving should anger many.

Oklahoma head coach Lincoln Riley just headed to the west coast to coach the University of Southern California (USC), just one day after his team lost to Oklahoma State, diminishing their shots at a return trip to the College Football Playoff. Riley decided to jump ship before the Sooners made the transition to the SEC in a couple years as well.

Luckily, Riley has garnered some negative publicity for the move but he’s doing just fine. USC paid him to become the highest paid coach in the country, making over $110 million. On top of that they’ll be buying both of his homes in Norman and a new $6 million home in Los Angeles.

This type of money being given out to college coaches is absurd, especially since they aren’t the ones playing on the field. They aren’t the ones getting tackled and on top of that having to balance schoolwork as well. In many cases, these athletes are being treated very poorly.

Brian Kelly, the former head coach at Notre Dame, was another coach that opted to jump ship when he saw the money being cashed out at LSU. Reports surfaced on late Sunday night that Kelly would be leaving Notre Dame and as a result he called a 7 a.m. meeting with his players the next day.

Kelly spoke with his team for four minutes, didn’t answer any questions and proceeded to leave after his speech. For me, this is totally unacceptable. These players were recruited by these coaches and they had to find out through social media that their coach was abandoning them.

These coaches need to do a lot better of treating their players with respect in these types of situations. These players have laid it out on the line for their program and coaches just to be stabbed in the back when coaches decide to go somewhere else. These coaches are very selfish, which is perfectly communicated by Kelly’s farewell speech to his players.

You must be thinking that ND’s season must be over, with them being in a rebuilding season and Kelly on his way out, but that’s not the truth. The Fighting Irish have one blemish on their schedule – a loss to No. 3 Cincinnati – but are most likely not going to be considered for the College Football Playoff since their coach abandoned them in the most important part of the season.

All I ask of these coaches who decided to leave these programs is to just treat these players with more respect. You were the ones that convinced them to play for you but right now the respect is only one-sided.