Times, they are a-changing

Friday was the first day it really hit me that this semester is coming to an end and that my tenure of editor-in-chief of this newspaper is soon to begin.

Not only that, but I thought of other changes coming in the next few weeks. 

I think it started when I moved into my new office on Friday, decorating it with posters, photos and even some figurines of Yoda and Darth Vader from the “Star Wars” movies (yes, I am that nerdy). Then, over the weekend, with realizing my former high school had its prom on Saturday night, I started thinking of how friends of mine who were little high school freshmen not so long ago are just a few weeks away from graduating and coming to college.

“How’s that possible?” I asked myself. But then I remembered I’m coming to the end of my second year of college, which means I graduated from high school two years ago.

That fact shocks me by itself. How in the world has it been two years since I left high school and came here to Wichita State? Wasn’t it just yesterday I was in San Diego with my high school marching band performing in the Big Bay Balloon Parade and the Holiday Bowl halftime show? Alas, it seems not. 

I think Ferris Bueller said it best in his titular 1986 film, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” For the first time in several months, I did stop and look around my life this past weekend.

I thought about how things are changing rapidly in my life. Friends two years younger than me are suddenly old enough to join me in college; I’m about to take over as the editor-in-chief of the Sunflower; friends who graduated high school with me are finding love, some even vowing to get married; a cousin of mine got married just a week ago, which shocked me, because he is younger than I am. 

I do say change is usually something good. All of these changes I’m seeing are good things, and I’m excited to enter this next thrilling chapter of life. Just remember, life does move fast. Stop and look around at it every now and then so you don’t miss it. 

If you don’t, you may miss something important.