Sunflower sign-off

It’s time for that nostalgic column I’ve been dreading.

I came to The Sunflower as a nervous sophomore applying for a copy-editing position. A degree in music didn’t feel right, and it was time for a change. With my new communication major, working at the student paper seemed the most logical decision, though it may have been made a bit dispassionately.

After joining this staff, I was sorely proven wrong. Writing about campus activities makes you see them in a starkly different light. Issues, events and people seem incredibly intriguing and pivotal to campus life in a way they just weren’t before.

I’ll miss the people who work here more than anything else. I’m convinced that, thanks to them, this is the most fun I can have while getting a paycheck. From the reporters who send emotionally supportive memes and brainstorm “punny” headlines that don’t make it to print, they’re the people that make this windowless basement newsroom a great place to be. And let’s not forget hanging out with sock monkeys on an ancient, threadbare, yet oddly comfortable couch. This has been a great ride.

I’ve loved getting to know each and every one of our staff members. They each have quirks and “isms” that make me smile, and I can’t think of anyone else I’d like to be with when I push the “send” button to print the paper with two minutes to deadline.

The Sunflower has done great things this year. Like anyone else, we’ve also royally screwed up a few times. But I’ve seen this paper grow, and I know I can count on it continuing to make great strides in all forms of storytelling.

I didn’t end up doing what I thought I would at Wichita State. But 100 production nights, 100 bylines and far too many cups of coffee than are physically healthy have gone by, and I think I’ve done OK.

And honestly, where’s the fun in predictability?