OPINION: Don’t live average


Recently I was told that my conduct can be described as what our generation calls “too extra.” Now I had no idea what that meant, mostly because I’m out of touch with poor verbiage, so I decided to search it on my computer, and it came up with the results “excessive, over the top, or dramatic.”

Now as I contemplated what this meant, I decided to grind out a 20 mile bike ride followed by a two hour weightlifting session. When I was finished, I  decided that on the walk to my car I needed to get acclimated to the cold. So, I took my shirt off in the snow and made myself stand outside my car until I lost feeling in my limbs.

I was still contemplating what these “excessive” tendencies were, they seemed so hard to grasp. As I continued to think, I decided that I should make my 60 hour study schedule for the week staying ahead of the game. I listed out my 4 a.m. wake ups, to my two hour books reading sessions until 10:30 p.m.

As I was still pondering, I decided that I should go get my fiancé some flowers, Starbucks, and then write her a note to encourage her for the day. While I was delivering the note I still was having a hard time getting over what “dramatic” meant in my personal life.

After delivering my gift I decided that I was going to challenge myself to some quick mathematics problems, all while listening to an audiobook and finishing by cleaning every part of my room and car so that you could eat off those shiny floors.

What could the person possibly have meant when he/she said that I was “too extra” was this good or bad? Could I fix it?

After feeding the homeless, washing my car, helping my parents with the groceries, tutoring some of my classmates and making a five star meal I finally think I got the answer to what people were talking about when saying “too extra.”

Some people aren’t motivated. I’m not one of those people. Some people look at my life and think I’m “over the top” because they are intimidated by my work ethic, intimidated by the amount of effort I put into every aspect of my craft. These people are what I call “Debbie downers” and they are not worth any second of my attention and my time.

Because instead of living my life with a mediocre view of everything I do, just trying to be happy, all rainbows and butterflies. I want to make something of my life, I want to push myself to the outer limits of human potential, I want to make myself an absolute animal.

Shed off the Debbie downers and push yourself. You have so much that you can give, what if you died never reaching your full potential? Now if you decide to change your life, people will try and convince you that you are “too extra” or “too concerned.” Simply do not care what they think and continue to live your life the way you want to.