OPINION: Comparison is a slippery steep slope


I’ve heard from people all the time that if you still live with your parents in college you are not mature and you are not getting ahead in life. People also say that if you have moved out then you are somehow more mature and succeeding more in life.

 In my personal philosophy — yes I think there are certain milestones that people need to reach throughout their life. However, the timing on those milestones is not exactly clear cut. I absolutely think if you are at least capable of having a job and the mental capacity to live on your own you probably should not live with your parents until you are 30. 

However, when you are in college you are only a few years into adulthood. Most college students have not had the time and money to build up their own financial stability. If you are in college you are also going to be in school for at least two to four years. This means you have not landed a job yet that will provide you with the financial stability you are aiming for. This means having a job that provides enough for a place to live, for your other basic needs, a car, healthcare, and paying off those expensive college loans you may have. 

In my specific living situation I do live with my parents. I have lived in a student apartment on my own, and even in the dorms but in my current financial situation I have decided to live with my parents until I graduate to save money on living expenses. It is personally difficult for me to get a workforce job due to having a chronic illness that causes some minor disability. Therefore, I do not make enough to live on my own right now. However, when I land a job in my future career field I will be able to make enough to at least live on my own. 

If you already live on your own, but don’t have your dream job yet or if you live on your own and have your dream job that is awesome, and there is no jealousy coming from me in my own situation. However, we all need to remember that as long as you are striving for a goal in life, and the goal to eventually become financially independent, you are on the right track. What works for one person may not work for the other person. We are all different.