OPINION: Wichita needs to provide more fast food chicken options


Over the past several years, Raising Cane’s has quickly become one of America’s most popular fast food chicken restaurants. 

The Louisiana-based chain opened up two stores in Kansas in 2016.  The stores are located in Lawrence and Manhattan. Since each of these cities has a large university, it only makes sense that Wichita should have a Raising Canes as well.

Wichita not only has a university full of hungry college students, but a large population who would support the restaurant. The city is also the birthplace of multiple other nation-wide fast food chains, so Raising Cane’s would be in an environment where it could thrive.

Raising Cane’s offers a limited menu of only chicken strips, chicken sandwiches, fries, Texas toast and coleslaw, allowing them to focus on the quality of their items, rather than the quantity. Since their menu is centered around their chicken strips, Cane’s appeals to picky-eaters and food lovers alike. 

But, what really makes the restaurant stand out is their Cane’s Sauce. Made with a “top-secret” recipe, the sauce has gained a lot of recognition as one of the best signature restaurant sauces.

To top it off, Raising Cane’s is a company that prides itself on being involved within its community. They contribute in a number of ways including supporting local entrepreneurs and schools, and contributing to food banks. 

Because Wichita has such a strong foundation of local businesses, Cane’s is just the type of franchise the city needs.