Record store showcases strong music selections for music lovers


Emmie Boese

The new and rarities vinyl collection is featured at the front of Spektrum Muzik. On Feb. 7 Rumors by Fleetwood Mac and Dolly Parton’s Greatest Hits were two of the most popular featured records.

Spektrum Muzik is located in the Dleano District of Downtwon Wichita. Many businesses in the Delano District are owned by local business owners. in the Delano District are owned by local business owners. (Emmie Boese)

Time travel exists at Spektrum Muzik. Reminiscing an old rock record – or picking up the ear crackling sound of a Kaey Musgraves vinyl – is like traveling back in time at Spektrum Muzik. 

I received a record player from my close friend a couple of years ago. The record player belonged to his late grandfather. With the record player came an abundance of vinyl records from different time periods and genres –  including an original record from Def Leppard’s Pyromania album from 1983. 

Soon after receiving my first record player, my friend suggested I go to Spektrum Muzik, located at 905 W. Douglass in the Delano District of downtown Wichita. 

At Spektrum, there are tons of records in several different genres, including, country, bluegrass, pop, hip-hop, rock and roll, metal, psychedelic rock, gospel, musical and movie soundtracks, etc. 

Records can either be purchased new or used. Spektrum has a large selection of used records which account for records from the original era it was recorded in. 

The store also sells mini vinyl records, used CDs, cassette tapes, band T-shirts, record players and other band memorabilia. One of the neatest aspects of Spektrum is that they collect vinyls, cassettes and CDs that are sold through a buy, sell and trade process. 

Some of my favorite records I have purchased from Spektrum include Dolly Parton’s greatest hits, Love Gun by Kiss from 1977 and Off the Wall by Michael Jackson from 1979. However, as a country fan, I was disappointed about the small selection of records to choose from in that genre. 

To sell records at Spektrum, bring them into the store, or  – call a store associate and have them come to pick up the collection. 

I would give Spektrum Muzik an 8/10 rating. The store has a unique setting and plenty of options to choose from between old and new records. However, there is only a small collection to choose from in the used Country genre.