REVIEW: Daredevil explodes on Netflix once again

Marvel released the newest Spider-Man movie “Spider-Man: No way Home” in December of last year, and with it came multiple cameos in the film, one of those being Matt Murdock, played by the 2018 Netflix “Daredevil” series actor, Charlie Cox. 

Since the cameo, the Netflix original series has returned to Netlix’s top ten watched, again, since its original release with old and new fans going back to watch the blind lawyer kick some ass. 

The series follows Matt Murdock, also known as Daredevil, as he struggles with the daily life of being a law-abiding lawyer and helping those in need. At night he becomes a masked vigilante, using the enhanced senses he received after being blinded from spilled vats of chemicals. 

Murdock and his partner Foggy Nelson (played by Elden Henson) start their own law firm, taking on cases basically free of charge to help others out of the goodness of their hearts. All the while Murdock is working as Daredevil, trying to clean up the evil in Hell’s Kitchen, especially that done by crime lord Fisk Wilson, aka Kingpin (played by Vincent D’Onofrio). 

The series later introduces characters that we see in later Marvel shows, such as “Luke Cage” and “The Punisher”. Season two of Daredevil leads up to the events that take place in the collaboration special series The Defenders, which features Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Iron Fist. 

Though the other shows did not receive the same praise that Daredevil did, they were good at displaying their own characters and stories. Except for Iron Fist, that was a dumpster fire.

But while the others (excluding Iron Fist) were still great for what they were and displaying Stan Lee’s comic book characters, Daredevil was the most-watched and better of the Marvel-Netflix series as it does the old comics and character of Matt Murdock justice, it also helped that the 2003 Daredevil film starring Ben Affleck was a disaster in comparison. 

The series is everything one would expect from a Marvel superhero series, while also having the flexibility to be a little more gritty than their family-friendly superheroes. This is what made the series so good because they could fully encapsulate the gritty and not-so-happy life of Matt Murdock. 

Daredevil, even three years after its final episode aired on Netflix, still remains a well-written and directed series with great casting and acting. It will pull on your heartstrings as well as give you a good laugh once in a while. I recommend to anyone who loves a good superhero show, to give it a chance before Netflix removes it at the end of Feb.