OPINION: Poor Internet in WSU housing threatens student academics


Khánh Nguyễn/ The Sunflower

The Flats is a private apartment complex located on Innovation Campus.

We use the internet daily, if not hourly. We rely on campus internet to complete our school work, make work arrangements and socialize with friends, family and instructors. This makes it incredibly frustrating when our connection to our peers, our university and more is abruptly cut-off multiple times a day. Such is the struggle of living in Shocker Hall, The Flats or The Suites. 

Timed quizzes are the devil, even more so when a shady internet connection threatens your entire academic future.  If the page fails while taking a timed quiz, all my progress is lost. Therefore, I’ve had to email teachers and plead for the test window to be reopened. It’s beyond disappointing when I have to waste time and money for an amenity I already pay for monthly.

For the last several days, and consistently throughout the semester, there have been internet issues which have prevented students from accomplishing their necessary day to day tasks. Slow internet is to be expected. 

After all, it caters to every whim and desire of 11% of the 16,097 students at WSU, according to Wichita State University Student Life – US News Best Colleges. It’s absurd that the cost of housing does not contribute to internet security. If I’m going to be paying nearly $5,000 a semester (not including a meal plan), I would hope to be given the resources (such as accessible WI-FI) to complete the only online-available course work.

This is all too familiar to WSU students, many of whom have had to cluster in the Rhatigan Student Center in an effort to complete assignments on time. Until the issue is resolved, you’ll be finding me along with hundreds of other students seeking internet havens in coffee shops, libraries and outside the comfort of our expensive WSU housing.