OPINION: Participating in activities outside of your normal hobbies can be beneficial

Hobbies are a great way to relax and kick back from the stress of everyday life. It can help improve your mental health, and even help give you a creative boost when it comes time to work on your homework, or at your job. This is especially true for me during my time as a student journalist. 

Hobbies sometimes start from personal interest. Some of my personal interests include music, sports, writing, and coloring. This has led me to start hobbies like journaling, collecting records, watching sports for fun, and coloring in complex coloring books. 

However, recently I have discovered that trying a hobby outside of your comfort zone can be beneficial to your overall well being. Coloring between the lines is something that is not very challenging for many. However, anything past that in the realm of art is challenging for me. 

Drawing is difficult, painting is difficult, and crafting is difficult. I’ve always found it challenging to look at artwork and sculptures because to be honest I never really understood the concept behind it or the meaning. 

However, allowing myself to appreciate art and find a new found hobby in appreciating artwork at museums and through others personal drawings, my mind has blossomed into more creativity. It has helped me learn where others come from, their personal passions, and why they think the way they do. 

At the Wichita Art Museum, there is a collection of paintings that show a simplistic lifestyle. The artist seemed to make it known that life can be enjoyed living simplistically. This collection helped me continue to shape my personal perception as a human being that life does need to be materialistic. Materialistic items and money are beneficial but what really matters is my spiritual life, love for my family and friends, and kindness. That is really all that matters in life. 

Next time you find yourself getting bored with your current hobbies or just bored with your life in general, push yourself out of your comfort zone. You can always go back to practicing your normal hobbies or the majority of the time. 

Push yourself to pick up a book and start reading even if you do enjoy watching  movies more. Push yourself to go to that yoga class when you would rather spend your nights partying it up with friends. Gaining knowledge, and practicing self growth can be enjoyed.