REVIEW: The Adam project deserves the hype

Ryan Reynolds and his classic wit unsurprisingly take the world by storm again with the time travel-themed Netflix original The Adam Project. 

The film stars Reynolds playing the character Adam Reed, traveling back in time to save his wife. Shortly after crash landing his ship into his childhood home, he runs into his past self (Walker Scobell)— the spitting image of a young Reynolds with his quick wit. 

Scobell played his part perfectly by mimicking the humor and personality of Reynolds that fans have come to love in his acting. Incorporating that into a 12-year-olds personality was hilarious to watch. 

The film follows the two as they work to get future Reed back to his wife, all the while they are trading sarcastic comments, uncovering secrets of the bad guy as well as dealing with the death of their dad (Mark Ruffalo) in their own ways.

While I loved the film for the humor and the action, I really enjoyed the harder topics it touched on. With the two different time variants of Reed’s character, viewers were given two different viewpoints of the loss of a parent.

Scobell’s character was dealing with the loss of his father with outbursts at school and towards his mom. But Reynold’s character was the opposite, he resented the way he treated his mother when younger and was angry with his father instead. 

I appreciated the level of depth the film was able to handle while still being considered a lighthearted and fun film. 

The only complaint I have with the film is the excessive use of well-known actors. Having Reynolds play alongside Ruffalo, Jennifer Garner and Zoe Saldana, all in one film, had me spending one good portion of the movie trying to figure out if this was a Marvel film or not. 

While they are all great actors, the film was good enough that it could have brought in some lesser-known names.